Awesome Cars

Awesome Cars Can Be a Infinite runner Style car Match Using a Very Simple but intriguing solution to playwith. Your aim in the game will be to secure your own car up to as you can.

After every run, determined by the space which you have attained, the Game will reward you with all celebrities (the max is ) in addition to currency based on your own score. ) You are able to utilize this funds to upgrade your vehicle to ensure it is simpler or purchase a newer and newer vehicle. In route, in addition, there are coins which you may collect to boost your score.

The intriguing issue is the game provides you a lot of alternatives in purchasing a brand new car in addition to updating the automobile it self.

You will find 9 different typed of automobiles and you are awarded the very first one For free whereas another ones each possess an alternative price. What’s special is the fact that the pricier the vehicle is, the greater it’s stats will probably be. You can find 4 stats including Speed, Jump, health insurance and Nitro.

You will find 1-2 purposes Which You Can update for the car for example Magnet: increases percent of appeal. Better Tires: raises Percent of friction. New Engine: increases percent of power.


How To Play

  • Use left/right arrow key to tilt.
  • Use Space to jump.

Tips and Tricks

  1. After you’ve bought a new car, you can no longer pick your old car.
  2. The new car retains the upgrades that the old car has.
  3. After you finish a loop, your car will automatically use the Nitro.



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